Chilean miners decide to jointly write book to share profits equally

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London, Oct 11 (ANI): The trapped Chilean miners have decided to jointly write a book about the days spent trapped below the Atacama Desert following the mine collapse on August 5.

The 33 Chilean miners have called in a lawyer to draw up a contract ensuring they will equally profit from the lucrative media deals they expect to secure for sharing the story of their two month survival in the hope that they never have to work again.

They have already rejected requests for interviews and have instead made plans to jointly write a book, The Telegraph reports. ne of the miners wrote to his wife about the details of the discussions between the trapped men.

"We have received offers to be filmed and interviewed by national television. But we didn't accept because we are going to form a foundation and all our daily experiences during our time down here will go into a book and other projects," Yonni Barrios wrote.

He informed his wife that the men had requested a lawyer visit the San Jose mine and send down the paperwork to make such an agreement legally binding.

"We want to make this legal then everything that will come out from us will be negotiated for the future. If we do this properly we won't have to work for the rest of our lives," he wrote.

Television companies are said to be offering up to 250,000 pounds to each miner for their exclusive story and publicity agents are battling to sign up families, The Telegraph reports. (ANI)

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