Cebu Pacific Airlines cabin crew give safety demo while dancing to Gaga!

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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London, Oct 3 (ANI): Unlike many of us who do not pay attention during a routine safety demonstration aboard an aeroplane, passengers flying to the Philippines had an interesting reason to do so.

Cabin crew on board a Cebu Pacific Airlines flight had the attention of everyone on board as they danced their safety demonstration to Lady Gaga.

Stunned passengers were unable to take their eyes off the bouncy attendants as they indicated the emergency exits to 'Just Dance'.

The crew also also performed to Katy Perry's 'California Gurls'. The music competes with a voiceover that informs passengers what to do 'in the event of an emergency landing'.

The clip is the latest internet sensation, going viral within hours and chalking up one-and-a-half million hits in just over 36 hours.]

"Cebu Pacific has always been known as a fun airline, we wanted to get the message across to our customers that flight safety doesn't have to be boring," the Daily Mail quoted Candice Iyog of Cebu Pacific Airlines as telling GMANewsTV.

"This was an experiment that we hope to repeat and also a chance to showcase the talent of some of our cabin crew staff," she said.

The cabin crew had worked with professional choreographers for the dance-but also did a normal safety demonstration before the flight took off.

"We knew that the performances would be well received, but we didn't expect them to be this popular," she added. (ANI)

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