People across Uttar Pradesh cautiously welcome mosque verdict

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Ayodhya/Lucknow, Oct 1 (ANI): People across Uttar Pradesh have cautiously welcomed the 2-1 verdict on the Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid title case.

A three-judge bench of the Allahabad High Court ruled Thursday that the Ramlala idol would remain on the disputed land in Ayodhya, deeming it Lord Ram's birthplace.

The court divided the 2.77 acre disputed site among three parties (1) The Sunni Waqf Board; (2) The Nirmohi Akhara and (3) The party representing 'Ram Lala Virajman'. The 8000 page verdict comes after nearly 60 years of litigation on the title dispute.

In the wake of the verdict life in Ayodhya has came to a virtual halt with security forces turning the place into a virtual fortress.

On Friday morning, the residents in Ayodhya rushed to grab copies of the morning newspaper that splashed banner headlines of the verdict.

In Lucknow, where the authorities were anticipating some trouble, the night passed off without any incident.

"We respect and accept the verdict. The verdict has been taken keeping everyone's interest in mind. The issue was affecting my business a lot, people were not coming to the markets because of fear of violence. This is a very good verdict," said Fanoo Ali.

Mohammed Hamid said everyone heaved a sigh of relief after the verdict was announced.

"We are very happy with the verdict because everyone was anticipating big trouble post verdict. But that has been prevented. The verdict is right. We are happy with it," said Hamid.

A majority of the people said the court's decision was correct and that it had kept the interests of both communities in mind while delivering the judgment.The court's decision is right and it should be followed. All the religions are happy with the verdict," said Lallan, a Lucknow resident. By Padmanabhan Subramanian (ANI)

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