It's official: Men look at women's faces over bodies for marriage

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, Sep 15 (ANI): Men look at women's faces over bodies when it comes to a long-term relationship, such as marriage, according to a new research.

The results of study support the belief that men are instinctively attracted to women's bodies if they are keen on a "no strings" sexual relationship.

But a man pays more attention to a woman's face if he is thinking of settling down and starting a family.

Academics at the University of Texas claim that this is because a woman's face provides strong clues to her "reproductive value," reports the Daily Express.

The study looked at the reactions of 375 men and women who were asked to consider dating a member of the opposite sex whose face or body had been obscured.

Women proved consistent, opting for facial features whether they were interested in having a fling or finding an ideal husband.

But the male volunteers went for sensual bodies in what was termed 'the short-term mating condition', and faces in 'the long-term mating condition'.

The study was published in science journal 'Evolution And Human Behaviour'. (ANI)

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