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World's shortest man faces challenge from world's shortest teenager

By Abdul Nisar

London, Sept 7 (ANI): The world's shortest man at the moment is facing fierce competition from the world's shortest teenager.

Edward Nino Hernandez, 24, from Bogota, Colombia, who stands at just 27-inches, won the title of World's Shortest Man on September 6.

But Hernandez does not have long to hold on to his title, as hot on his heels is the World's Shortest Teenager, Khagendra Thapa Magar, from Nepal, who stands at 26-inches and is an inch shorter than him.

Magar, 17, went to Rome in February where he was measured by Guinness World Records and given the title World's Shortest Teenage Boy.

He is expected to take the title from Hernandez, who weighs just 22lb, when he turns 18 on October 14.

Hernandez on the other hand is hoping that his title will help him find fame.

"I want to travel, go to places like New York, Argentina and meet famous people and go to Hollywood," the Sun quoted him as saying.

"With the title I also hope to work on movies as an actor. With this record I will become more famous," he stated.

Magar's parents are also keen to see their son take the glory, and profit, of being the world's shortest, and the tiny teen is already a household name on the Indian subcontinent.

His family first filed a claim to the title when he was 14 but it was rejected because there was a chance he might grow before turning adult at 18.

A charitable foundation has even been set up in Nepal to lobby local celebrities and political figures to support Magar's record attempt.

"What's remarkable is that this little dancer is a whole two inches shorter than Pingping," GWR editor in chief Craig Glenday said.

"The question is, will Nino still have the record by Christmas? With Khagendra in the wings, there's a good chance Nino will only hold the title for a few more weeks," Glenday added. (ANI)

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