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Security personnel practice 'water meditation' to promote peace in Guwahati

By Abdul Nisar

Guwahati, Sep 7 (ANI): Amidst fear of militancy and terrorism, two policemen in Guwahati have discovered a unique way to find peace through meditation by floating on water.

Munin Sharma (41) and Hitesh Sharma (43) of the Assam Police have been practicing this unique form of yoga to restore peace to the troubled state.

"I started practicing this type of yoga from 1995. But we used to practice 'Pranayama' (Breathing exercises) on our own from many years. My father used practice this and I heard it from him that the 'Yogis' (practitioner of yoga) used meditate on and under the surface of water and they could even float in air," said Munin Sharma.

This form of yoga involves certain rituals and worshipping before getting inside a pond. The duo ties their feet before starting the ceremony in water.

"We have two motives behind practicing this yoga. First is to get our names registered in Guinness Book, and the second is to successfully achieve our religious motive," he added.

Hitesh said they devote as much time as they can spare to meditate in water.

According to eye witnesses, the duo can sleep on water for hours and the longest that they have done it is ten hours.

They have promoted this form of meditation in many states, including Orissa and West Bengal. (ANI)

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