Kashmir unrest hits affects of religious items during Ramzan

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Srinagar, Sep 5 (ANI): The sale of religious items and food products has gone down due to the ongoing curfew and shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir during the fasting month of Ramzan.

Traders and sellers said the past several weeks have seen a mere 10 percent of business as compared to the same time last year.

The market used to be crowded with people who bought the holy Quran, Islamic books, and Humayun caps, better known as Osmani caps.

"This year, because of the continuous shutdowns and curfews, the situation has been tense in Kashmir. We have not been able to get products that are used during Ramzan, and all the other products that are needed to prepare for Iftar (evening meal)," said Tahir Mohammad, a customer.

Products such as Misawak, Ittar (attar), rose beads, Islamic posters and photos of Mecca are some of the items that people demand during the season, which has, however, not hit markets this year.

"The year has been quite bad due to curfew, shutdowns and all, which is why no one is able to get their stocks. There are no orders as no one knows what would happen next. That is why everyone is using their old products. Here, the business level has dropped to zero percent," said Mohammad Yaqoob, a seller.

People also do not have many options either, as many items are not available in the market.

"If we calculate the ratio then about 90 percent trade has not taken place. There has been only 10 percent trade of religious items. When you've not opened the shops, when there is no business, and have not ordered stocks, then what will you sell?" said Ishfaq Gulzar, a dealer.

During the holy month of Ramzan, the shopkeepers have been able to open their shops only for five to six days resulting in a 90 percent loss. By Afzal Bhat(ANI)

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