French cities declare war on topless tourists

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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London, Aug 16 (ANI): Cities in France have issued a warning to tourists who go topless, some even threatening transgressors with fines of up to 38 euros.

The ban on tourists walking round town shirtless and wearing only their bikini has already been put in place in seaside resort towns like Cannes, St Tropez or Arcachon on the Atlantic coast.

But now even inland cities have decided to join force for reasons of hygiene, "standing" and public decency.

Perpignan has become the latest to outlaw bare chests for the first time, although fines apply only to those who refuse to get dressed after being approached by the police.

"We're not saying there's been a general moral decline, but some people have complained," the Independent quoted Perpignan's local security chief, Pierre Parrat, as telling Midi Libre.

The law calls for "human dignity, decency, morality and protection of the young".

The spate of new anti-nudity regulations has prompted some complaints about liberty, but police in most places have settled on a light touch to keep grumbling at bay.

Parrat said the citizens of Perpignan found it shocking to see the naked chests of some men, in particular a group of English rugby supporters who stripped off while in the city for a recent match. (ANI)

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