Pune villager invents unique windmill

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Pune, Aug 14 (ANI): Birudev Hazare, a 34-year-old from Manjari village in Pune has invented a unique windmill, which generates electricity in any desired quantity.

The innovation can be constructed anywhere, he says, unlike regular windmills that require elevated areas for their installation.

The 50-horsepower windmill, which initially requires electricity to start, does not need any fuel to run.

"This device does not require any fuel. Only while starting the device we need electricity for four to five minutes after which the supply can be stopped, and then it runs on its own. Other than wind it does not require any fuel and air is available everywhere," said Birudev Hazare, the inventor.

Though Hazare's lack of educational qualifications stopped his invention from being recognised in India, it has already received a patent from Australia. He has also applied for a world patent.

Hazare issued a challenge, saying that he would give the prize money to anyone who could show faults in his creation.

"Any scientist from the country or around the world can come and point out a fault and I will give them 500,000 rupees as a reward," said Hazare.

Hazare has made the wind-harnessing device after years of research, and was able to complete the innovation last year with the objective of creating green options to generate electricity. By Shivaji Salunkhe (ANI)

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