Tripura celebrates 'Kharchi' festival

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Agartala, Aug.9 (ANI): Of the various festivals celebrated in Tripura the one that occupies the pride of place is Kharchi Puja, which helps in binding tribal and non-tribal communities. ourteen 14 deities are worshipped during the weeklong celebrations.

The five century-old ritual once practiced only by the royal family, the festival is celebrated by the general public irrespective of caste and creed.

Tribal and non-tribal devotees assemble in the courtyard of the temple of the 14 Gods where songs of union are sung.

"This symbolizes unity of both tribal and non-tribal people because as we know, this is a festival, which belongs to the tribal group. Tribal people do their rituals but non-tribal devotees and others of different caste and creed gather to pray. Devotees from outside Tripura do participate in the celebrations," said Rasmita Deb, a devotee.

A special feature of this ritual is that these deities are kept locked in a room throughout the year and it is only during these seven days that they are brought out so that the devotees can see them.

It is a special moment. The festival also attracts foreign tourists.

"When we respect each other's religion, when we give each other the freedom to worship in whatever way our heart wants to worship, then we can live together very freely and peacefully and what I have also seen in Tripura, you had your own conflicts in the past but now it's a very peaceful state," said Beth A. Payne, a tourist.

With the return of peace to Tripura it is time celebrate with zest and enthusiasm. By Pinaki Das(ANI)

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