Delhi airport T3 is expected to create chaos

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New Delhi, Jul 28: The new Indira Gandhi International Airport's Terminal 3 which is the six biggest in the world will start to operate on Wednesday Jul 28.

According to CNN IBN report, there is a negative impact on the passengers as it may lead to lot of chaos like lost passengers.

When the passengers are told that all international operations would now be from T3. The response given by both by airport operators and passengers are very negative as they are sure to have problems with the new airport.

"We have a large contingency of staff who have been deployed to help provide info to passengers who may go to the wrong terminal," says DIAL's Chief Operating Officer Andrew Harrison.

Not only the above problem, the others are the new guidelines for check-in counters. The rule say airlines will be close 45 minutes before take off and not half an hour as it was before.

To make the matter worst people will have to deal with unprecedented traffic jams in the new airport.

Earlier their was a way that diverts to one side for all domestic airports and international to go straight. But with T3 huge traffic jam will be heading in one direction.

"With this existing airport system what is going to happen is when T3 becomes operational we are going to have jams. We are looking at about 200 per cent growth or 300 per cent growth of traffic. Metro will take away 20 but what will happen to the rest 180 per cent. It is going to be on road and its going to congest Delhi," claims road traffic expert Rohit Baluja.

This is a problem which no one paid to attention before T3 was constructed and now authorities have opened their eyes.

"Road access capacity today is sufficient for traffic that will move to T3. Over the time as that traffic grows we obviously expect enhancement and different means of accessing the airport rather than the access roads we have today," says Harrison.

T3 could be a long journey as he or she fights the traffic jams to take a flight.

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