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Posted By: Mamatha
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London, July 21 (ANI): A website has come up with the top ten bizarre, weird, scary things that we often wondered about, but never really had the chance to encounter.

Website Listverse.com revealed the top ten ratings for Killer Animals, Bizarre Sports and Uses for Coca-Cola. The three are just an example of many more, the Sun reported.

Killer animals:

1. Tapeworms starve you by eating food in your belly.

2. Wolves may eat you before killing you.

3. Candiru fish swim up bums or urethras, causing infection.

4. Siafu ants choke you, filling your mouth as you sleep.

5. Sloth bears rip your face off with their teeth and claws.

6. Giant cassowary birds kick you over then claw your guts.

7. A jaguar bites through the skull and pierces the brain.

8. Crocodiles pull their victims underwater to drown them.

9. Pythons squeeze until your heart stops.

10. Electric eels stun and drown victims.

Bizarre sports:

1. Mind Ball - a ball is moved mentally. Nothing happens.

2. Air Sex - Japanese sport where participants simulate sex with an imaginary person.

3. Outhouse racing - mobile toilets are raced around a track in Michigan.

4. Punkin Chunkin - US pumpkin-throwing contest.

5. Chess boxing - between rounds, fighters play chess.

6. Mountain Unicycle.

7. Bun Climbing - Japanese contest to climb 60ft tower of bread rolls.

8. Tractor Pulling.

9. Swamp Soccer.

10. Canine Freestyle - dancing dogs.

Uses for Coca-Cola

1. Make an explosion - add a Mentos mint and drink spurts everywhere.

2. Coke soothes stomach ache, diarrhoea and a sore throat.

3. It kills garden bugs.

4. Removes grease if added to detergent.

5. Gets rid of residue on pots and pans.

6. Stings from jellyfish are dulled by drink's acid.

7. It neutralises foul odour of skunk spray.

8. Makes a marinade when mixed with barbecue sauce.

9. Cleans windows - the citric acid cuts through dirt.

10. Dissolves rust on metals. (ANI)

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