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Justice Kapadia releases Moily's 'Shree Ramayana Mahanveshanam'

By Samyuktha

New Delhi, June 30 (ANI): Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia released the 'Shree Ramayana Mahanveshanam', the great quest of Ramayana authored by Union Law and Justice Minister Dr M Veerappa Moily here on Wednesday.

"Dr Moily's 'Shree Ramayana Mahanveshanam is a highly laudable work which, though rooted in the contemporary Indian context, addresses universal concerns and presents a unique vision of the past, present and future," said Justice Kapadia on the occasion.

"The stories from the Ramayana have been passed on across generations; the values attached to it are very intricately connected to our culture," he added.

In his address Dr. Veerappa Moily said that the book rightly explores the Ramatattva or the true principles of the Rama-story, from a secular and modern perspective.

"Despite being the ruler of a huge kingdom, Ravana couldn't rule over his inner world. As opposed to him, in the beginning, Rama couldn't become the king of even a small province like Ayodhya; but he was able to rule over his inner self," said Dr Moily.

He informed the gathering that the quest for the principles governing a Ramarajya that he has undertaken in this work might be a mere dream of him. But, what was only a spark in the beginning grew to the stature of the glory of the sun's radiance, and his work was a witness to the way a dream could grow to envelop both the sky above and the earth below.

Dr Moily said that he has placed his dream before the gathering and requested them to look at it through the eyes of his heart; and may their response to it be an honest one, adding that if, one day, his dream becomes the dream of our country and the goal of our national consciousness, he will feel truly blessed.

Dr. Moily stressed what is direly needed today is for all the world leaders to come together and discuss various means of getting rid of wars and conflicts, for the sake of establishing peace in the whole world.

"The only alternative for wars is the quest for that kind of freedom which liberates one's mind from fear," he said.

Dr Moily remembered Buddha, Mahavira, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, who achieved victory through the path of non-violence.

"Rama, Buddha, Gandhi and such others do not belong to any one race, religion or region; they are eternal symbols of those principles that guide us in the evolutionary path," he said.

Dr Moily thanked many scholars and friends, who helped him in many different ways during the course of research and composition of this work especially his wife Malati and Guru Dr.K.Anatharamu. (ANI)

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