Brit professor to outline his vision for a renewable energy powered UK

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Washington, June 11 (ANI): A University of Nottingham professor is set to go public with his vision for a UK powered completely by renewable energy by 2030.

Professor Seamus Garvey, of the University's Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, will deliver the Scaling Up Renewables open lecture on June 15 in the Coates Road Auditorium, University Park Campus.

He will speak on the potential of vast floating offshore 'energy farms' off the UK coastline, which could produce 'green' electricity at a fraction of the cost of its nearest competitors.

Professor Garvey said: "Imagine for a moment that renewable energy was the cheapest way to source power and that this power could be dispatched on demand. Imagine further that the landscape did not have to be blighted by man-made structures to gather that power.

"The impact on the world would be profound: secure low-cost energy supplies for most countries, reduction in the environmental assault that is most mining and oil/gas extraction and some hope of curtailing climate change not dependant on politics."

He added: "I will be ending the lecture with a challenge for my audience of engineers - can they find any errors in my reasoning and is there anything within the laws of engineering that would prevent us from developing this technology at this scale? I would also be extremely interested in hearing views on whether they believe we have the skills and prowess as an engineering community within the UK to achieve this ambitious vision." (ANI)

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