Andhra Pradesh's magician teaches road safety lessons

Posted By: Staff
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Visakhapatnam, June 11 (ANI): Akash Anand, a magician rode his motorbike blindfolded on the busy roads in Andhra Pradesh's Visakhapatnam city to create traffic awareness among the public.

Anand came up with the novel idea to make people drive their vehicles within the speed limits and follow rules.

"The traffic rules are designed in such a manner that if one followed them religiously, one can drive safe even blindfolded," said Anand.

To prove his point, Anand, who started his stunt by driving through a ring of fire, had his eyes covered with a black cloth, and went around the crowded streets of on his bike.

Anand's father Jadugar Anand, who is also a magician, said the performance was done to create traffic awareness in the city.

"This blindfolded motorcycle ride was carried out to create awareness, traffic awareness in the city. If a blind person can ride carefully keeping himself and other safe, then why not others. The numbers of road accidents throughout the world are much higher," said Jadugar Anand.

After crisscrossing through the city blindfolded, Anand completed his run safely, as hundreds of curious onlookers cheered him on the way. (ANI)

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