Dr. Death said removing man's bowels would let him run like a horse, court told

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Melbourne, May 26 (ANI): Jayant Patel, an Indian origin doctor in Australia, removed a man's bowel during an operation, a court has heard.

The patient Ian Rodney Vowles claimed that the doctor a.k.a Dr Death had promised him he would cure him of a cancerous growth in his stomach after he "whipped out" his bowel.

However, he suffered from grievous bodily harm, he alleged, as a result of the operation at the Bundaberg Base Hospital, in October, 2004.

There was no need to remove his bowel, Vowles told the Supreme Court in Brisbane, as there was no cancer.

"He said Mr Volwes your bowel doesn't like you and we are going to have to whip it up," the Couriermail quoted Vowles, as saying.

He added: "He told me not to worry that I was fit. He would have me up running around like a young horse.

"Patel said 'I've done lots of these before and after they are out there playing sport or skiing.'"

Patel asked Vowels to use a bag (Ileostomy) after the operation, but once he was discharged he had problems with his stoma (an artificial hole to connect a bag to a bowel).

Patel again performed an operation to repair the stoma.

Vowles claims he had to retire early from his trade as a cabinetmaker because the operations had made him very weak.

Meanwhile, Patel, 60, is also caught in three different cases of manslaughter. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. (ANI)

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