Badrinath shrine reopens after six months

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Badrinath (Uttarakhand), May 20 (ANI): Portals of the Badrinath temple situated in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand reopened on Wednesday after remaining closed for six months due to heavy snow.

Devotees from far and near assembled at the temple to take part in the daylong opening rituals and witnessed the opening of doors that they consider auspicious.

A notable event is the viewing the Akhand Jyoti (eternal flame of an oil lamp) placed inside the temple when the doors are closed in November.

Sans any one feeding the oil and arranging the wick, Hindus believe that it is a divine miracle this flame continues to be lit for six long months.

"Today, when the door opened, the Akhand Jyoti was lit and burning as ever. The most pious and important thing is to see the Akhand Jyoti . Those who visit today and watch this are blessed with good fortune in life," said Krishan Kant, a priest.

"I have come here to visit this holy shrine. It has a special place in the Hindu faith. The Almighty fulfills everybody's wishes. God Badri stays here and whenever I come here, I gain peace of mind and contentment," said Arun Soni, a devotee.

For centuries, the Namboodris (Hindu Brahmins from Kerala) have been the official priests at Badrinath Dham and only the head priest can touch the temple deity.

Located on the banks of River Alaknanda, this ancient temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. (ANI)

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