Assam's Kohinoor mobile theatre performs in Delhi

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New Delhi, May 6 (ANI): A popular urban mobile theatre company from Assam performed their plays during a festival held at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA) in New Delhi recently.

Mobile theatre is a unique and popular form of entertainment on wheels in Assam, reaching audiences in far-flung places in the state that has been affected by militancy.he need for peace and normalcy concerns everyone in the region including those in the entertainment sector.he mobile theatre company 'KOHINOOR' came down to Delhi in their self-contained vehicles with their own makeshift stages, equipment and artists.

"The problem of insurgency is going on in Assam. People are tackling it in their own ways. But the one thing that everyone must do, I even request the Government is to talk it out with the oncerned people and find a solution," said Jatin Bora, actor, Kohinoor theatre group

In one of the plays shown during the theatre festival, "O'n Moi Munnai Koisu (Yes, I am Munna Speaking)", the principle of Gandhism, non-violence and importance of humanity were highlighted.

Two other productions, "Assemat Jar Heral Seema" and "Sheetare Semekarati"were also staged.

"The play that we are showing today is based on Gandhism, and whether Gandhism is applicable today or not and the effectiveness of his principle of non-violence in India and Assam. Killings mongst us won't solve any problem," said Ratan Lahkar, Producer of "O'n Moi Munnai Koisu

The company got a chance to showcase their plays to an enthusiastic audience that thronged the venue in large numbers.

A Photo exhibition on the history of mobile theatre was also held during the festival. It is a great opportunity for the technicians, actors and the whole cast and crew of the mobile theater to get the exposure. In Delhi, people from different states reside. So, you can see this programme as a cultural exchange programme," said Biblap, Co-ordinator of the Kohinoor theatre festival

"Through such kind of shows, we will be able to understand how the production works are carried out in Assam. They do unique and highly recommendable plays, which might not be possible in Delhi. It'll surely make a difference," said Sharad, audience.

The plays with a flavor of the Northeast were appreciated in the capital city.uch initiatives definitely help bring the region closer to the rest of the country. By Karam Roniya (ANI)

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