Experts say Times Square bomb suspect picked wrong explosive

Posted By: Staff
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New York, May 5 (ANI): Law enforcement sources have revealed that Times Square terror suspect Faisal Shahzad packed an SUV with the wrong explosive material, and therefore, was unsuccessful in his attempt to bomb the area and kill people.

According to FoxNews and the New York Post, investigators said they found a complicated but "amateurish-looking" homemade device, a mishmash of household and garden store products including eight bags of sugar nitrate fertilizer -- but not ammonium nitrate, which can produce a dynamite-like explosion.

They said that had the device functioned properly, it probably would have created a deadly fireball-though not nearly as disastrous as an ammonium nitrate device.

Frank Doyle, a former bomb expert and 33-year FBI veteran, said he doubted Shahzad received proper training in Pakistan or elsewhere to build a bomb, particularly when it came to what type of fertilizer he used.

"I would question his degree of training or whatever he knew about it," Doyle told

"That's only one of a series of really serious mistakes he made," he added.

Doyle declined to indicate what material Shahzad should have used to detonate the device he allegedly packed in an SUV in the middle of Times Square.

"As a member of this community, I don't want to teach them how to correct it," Doyle said.

The fact that Shahzad used the incorrect type of fertilizer for his device should be considered a "blessing, if not luck," he said. (ANI)

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