Manual on driving etiquette published by Debrett's

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London, Mar 31 (ANI): British etiquette publisher Debrett's has come out with a manual on the proper way to behave behind the wheel.

The society publisher has put together its own publication to guide motorists in the right direction, laying out rules from being a good car host to the protocol of music choice.

For instance, the Thoroughly Modern Motoring Manners book says, a chivalrous man will ensure that his female passenger is comfortable before the journey begins.

He should "offer to take her coat, check that her seat is adjusted and be sure that the temperature is to her liking", it explains.

The lady passenger "will expect her man to be a calm and competent driver. Any signs of aggression and she will most likely assume that in life - as well as behind the wheel - he is volatile and impatient".

And the perfect passenger will be "as well-behaved and polite in the car as he is when he's out and about. He realises that jokes about women drivers are clichid and is never a backseat driver. He's happy to sit back and enjoy the ride".

Sky News quoted some of the rules Debrett's pointed out.

Unless you're a karaoke-pro or trying to entertain the children, avoid singing along. Equally, save whistling for solo drives.

"As a passenger, you don't have to concentrate on the road."

"Engage in conversation, but be quiet during tricky manoeuvres and challenging situations."

Even among the best-mannered people, the choice of music in a confined space can be a problem. Our etiquette guide has a solution for this too.

"Music should be carefully chosen and kept at a sociable volume. Save contentious remarks and heated discussions for non-mobile situations."

"Unless you're a karaoke-pro or trying to entertain the children, avoid singing along. Equally, save whistling for solo drives."

Earlier generations of "young gels" fully understood that getting in and out of cars elegantly needed some training.

Today's young ladies will be relieved to know that the rules still apply if you want to preserve your dignity.

"Smooth down your skirt. Keeping your knees together, swivel your body and swing your legs outwards."

"Place one foot down, keeping your knees together. Dip your head and shoulders forward and slide and glide out of the car." (ANI)

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