Osama is healthy and giving orders: Khan

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Chicago, Mar 27: In the latest update on al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, Canadian taxi driver arrested by FBI has said that the al-Qaeda chief was 'healthy' and 'giving orders' to its deputies.

Raja Khan, US citizen of Pakistani origin was charged with two counts for providing materials support and funds to al-Qaeda, after he confessed to an undercover agent about meeting Ilyas Kashmiri, chief of HUJI and al Qaeda's Brigade 313.

Khan, in a conversations with the undercover agent, which was taped on Feb 23, said that Kashmiri told him that Osama was healthy and perfect.

"... I asked the Lala about him (Osama). And he (Kashmiri) says he's (Osama) healthy, he's leading," according to the 35-page complaint affidavit against Khan submitted in a court in Chicago.

When Khan told Kashmiri that he thought that Osama was 'sick' or 'shaheed', Kashmiri said that Osama was perfect

"He (Kashmiri) said no, he's OK. Allahamdullah (praise to God) he's healthy and...he is commanding everything," according to the conversation.

Khan said that the al Qaeda chief used to give orders to Kashmiri, who in turn would 'give the order to 'mujahideen'... al-Qaeda and Taliban'.

He said that he had never met Osama in person but had the strong desire to do so.

"... Osama bin Laden. I never met... I want (to) meet him ... I wanna see him. Before the, even the war start, I was going to Pakistan. But then 9/11 happens, and I didn't go".

Khan was arrested by the FBI on Friday, Mar 26 for sending money to Ilyas Kashmir and of planning to bomb a US sports stadium.

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