Bachchan is brand ambassador for tiger conversation campaign

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New Delhi, Mar 26 (ANI): Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has been signed on as the brand ambassador for a tiger conservation campaign.

Bachchan joins the Indian cricket and football captains as the face of the 'Save Our Tigers' campaign, spearheaded by the environmental group WWF India and Indian telecom giant Aircel.

Bachchan said: "I immediately agreed because I feel it is first of all a national cause. It is a cause of nature, it is a cause of environment and if my face and my voice can be used to impress upon people that this is something essential and important."

"It is not just for the environment but for the entire nation then I shall be most willing to join it," he added.

"If I can be a voice that is going to be speaking about these issues, if I can be a face that perhaps a few people will listen to and hear and if I can convince even one individual to follow this path, this very righteous path," he said further.

"I think that somewhere I will feel convinced that I have done something worthwhile. And I feel that this campaign will also take one very small step forward but at least a step forward," he added.

"Just 1,411 tigers left in India. You can make a difference," is the message being broadcast from TV advertisements, Facebook and YouTube, in what organisers say is India's biggest ever campaign to conserve the dwindling numbers of its national animal.

India is a key player in efforts to boost the global tiger population, which numbers just a few thousand. (ANI)

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