Jammu and Kashmir heritage site 'Nager Nagar' gets facelift

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Srinagar, Mar 21 (ANI): The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department has undertaken restoration and renovation of historical spot that was earlier known as Nager Nagar near Srinagar.

It has been proposed to develop this place as a heritage site to attract more tourists.

The historical monument at Nager Nagar is a famous mosque known as the Mosque of Akhoon Mullah Shah. It is said that Dara Shikoh built it for his tutor Akhoon Mulla Shah during the Mughal era.

It was one of the most beautiful mosques in Kashmir built in stone.

The mosque locally known as the Mulla Shah Masjid comprises of an enclosure set within an enclosure with a square courtyard. The mosque is surrounded by a series of cells on its northern side along the slope of the hill.

A public 'Hamam' (bathing spa) was constructed at a lower level and now it is in ruins. Extensive and meticulous renovation work of this Hamam is underway.

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Director Farooq Shah, mentioned that it was the effort of the State government to open up this mosque as soon as possible for the tourists.

"Look, our efforts are on to renovate the mosque that was built by Dara Shikoh and open it to the tourists as soon as possible. The restoration work is going on in the historical Hamam so that the tourists who come here should see how the Hamams operated during that era," said Farooq Shah.

Kashmir is famous all over the world for its natural beauty and numerous historical monuments.

Saying "better late than never", Mohammad Rafiq, a local commented that if proper attention is given to this place it could be developed as a popular tourist spot.

"This building that is located behind us, according to our fathers and forefathers was built during the Mughal era. It was built around 500-600 hundred years back. Some restoration and renovation work is going on in it. We appeal to the government that if proper consideration is given to it then it can be developed as a popular tourism spot," said Farooq Rafiq.

The Tourism Department as well as the locals believe that for the tourists interested in historical heritage sites, Nager Nagar will soon be among the much sought after destinations.

Alongside, this development will also boost the economy of the region since ample employment opportunities are bound to emerge, particularly for the youth. By Parvez Butt (ANI)

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