Inadequate rainfall affects red chilli crop production in Rajkot

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Rajkot, Mar 20(ANI): Red chilli farmers in Rajkot are witnessing a decline in less production due to lack of rainfall.

Gondal, the biggest market of red chilies in Gujarat, has witnessed low arrivals as compared to last year.

Udaysingh Choodasama, a farmer, said decline in production has led to fall in farmers' incomes.

"Mostly it is exported to foreign countries, but due to less rainfall in Gujarat this year, the production of red chilli has been less. We are getting Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 more than last year, but the lack of rainfall has led to less production and has affected our farming. The government should think about it and also about the lack of water," Choodasama said.

Jayanti Dhol, chairman of Gondal market, also reiterated the claims and said that the prices of chilli have risen, but the production is very less.

"In Gondal due to less rainfall the production is 50 percent less from the last year. We are getting a good price for it, the price of Batto chilli has raised up to Rs 2,200 for 20 kilograms and collar chilli, which is considered to be of the best quality, is priced at Rs 3000, but due to lack of rainfall farmers will get 50 percent of the production of chilli this year," Dhol said.

"The chilly would remain in the market up to two months and vanish, as due to lack of water there would be no more chilli," he added. (ANI)

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