Petraeus refuses to give Pak 'certificate of satisfaction' over its efforts against militants

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Washington, Mar.6 (ANI): US Central Command Chief General David Petraeus has refused to grant Pakistan a 'certificate of satisfaction' over its claimed success against extremists in the restive tribal regions.

"I wouldn't allow you to put words in my mouth," General Petraeus said during an interview to the PBS.

His prompt remarks came after the interviewer said; " So, the bottom line is you are satisfied with the Pakistani effort and the Pakistani cooperation and the Pakistani effort to wipe out the Taliban in Pakistan?"

While acknowledging the US' role in establishing and funding the 'Mujahiddins', Petraeus highlighted that Pakistan needs to keep on attacking the terror safe havens flourishing on its soil.

"But, again, look, we have a chequered past with Pakistan, and we need to be up front about it and recognise it. We've walked away from that country three different times, including after Charlie Wilson's war after we established the Mujaheddin," The Nation quoted Petraeus, as saying.

He also admitted that America had indeed helped the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to form the extremist elements which were now threatening the very existence of Pakistan.

"Our money, Saudi money, others joined together, helped the ISI, indeed, form these elements which then went in and threw the Soviets out of Afghanistan with our weaponry. And then we left and they were holding the bag," the top US general added.

Petraeus said that the Kerry-Lugar bill, which promises 1.5 billion US dollar of non-military aid to Pakistan over the next five years, is aimed at reducing the trust deficit between the two countries.

"We have to continue to build the trust, the confidence that we're going to be a constant partner," he added.

Patraeus also admitted that both Washington and Islamabad have different interests in Afghanistan.

"But it also has an interest that is somewhat different than ours, and that is their strategic depth and always has been for a country that's very narrow and has its historic enemy to its east. So again, we just have to appreciate this," he said. (ANI)

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