Terrorism 'waiting to strike' Australia's air security system

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Canberra, Feb. 28 (ANI): Aircraft and iconic public places in Australia are vulnerable to terror attacks, security experts have warned.

Gaping holes have been identified in Australia's air security system that could allow terrorists to plant bombs on planes or steal aircraft to turn them into flying weapons, News.com.au reports.

At least 40 regional airports have been assessed as having "minimal" security in an audit of air infrastructure and practices.

A commonly used regional commuter aircraft, the Dash 8, has been deemed "critically vulnerable" because it cannot be locked and has a weak point in its cockpit door.

The paper quoted counter-terrorism consultant Roger Henning, as saying that Australia's air security system was a terror attack waiting to happen.

"Are we going to get serious or wait till we have some massive tragedy," he said

Henning, a former RAAF officer and airline executive who now heads Homeland Security Asia Pacific, has visited dozens of airports across Australia and identified up to 40 that have little or no security.

"Australia is wide open to airport bombings and airborne terrorist attacks on icons including the MCG and Sydney Opera House and places of mass gathering such as railway stations," he said.

"Capital city airports are relatively easy to penetrate, and regional airports offer 'open sesame' to intruders. All that is stopping someone in many cases is a wire fence which you could climb over or cut through," he added. (ANI)

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