Britain blasts 'feeble' Obama for failure to back it in Falklands fight

Posted By: Staff
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Washington, Feb. 27 (ANI): President Barack Obama's professed neutrality in the fight between the UK and Argentina over a Falklands drilling rig has earned him the reputation of being "feeble."

The White House's silent treatment is also being seen as retribution for the recent disclosure in the UK of classified documents that implicate American spies in torture of a terror suspect.

"The decision, while feeble, is unsurprising," the Daily Mail quoted Alan Mendoza, of the London-based Henry Jackson Society, a foreign affairs think-tank, as saying.

"For the past year, Mr. Obama has followed a foreign policy path that punishes allies and democracies while allowing rogue authoritarian nations like Iran and North Korea to pursue their objectives," he added.

British politician are comparing the stand to playground bullying.

"The U.S. position on the Falklands certainly seems to be a warning shot which says to Britain: 'Don't mess us around too much or we could make life problematic," Patrick Mercer, of Conservative Party, said.

In 1982, Argentina and the United Kingdom went to war over the Falklands after an Argentine invasion. Nearly 1000 people were killed during the 74 day conflict.

A U.S. State Department spokesman said Tuesday that Washington is "neutral on the question of sovereignty" but supports "good-faith dialogue between those two countries. (ANI)

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