5 Australian Muslims jailed for jihad plot

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Sydney, Feb 15: Five Australian Muslims, convicted for plotting terror attacks were jailed on Monday, Feb 15 after they were caught with weapons and chemicals to make bombs in their possessions.

The suspects who were convicted on Oct 2009, for plotting terror strikes between Jul 2004 and Nov 2005 against Australia's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan war , will serve sentences ranging from 23 to 28 years.

The prosecutor informed the court that the men were trained in making pipe bombs which could led to large-scale death and destruction, along with being trained in  literature in which the works of the al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was exalted.

Passing the judgment against the accused, Judge Anthony Whealy said that the men were inspired by 'intolerant, inflexible religious conviction', adding that there were poor chances of their rehabilitation.

"It is clear beyond argument that the fanaticism and extremist position taken by each offender countenanced the possibility of loss of life," he said.

The judge pointed out that men considered their arrest as  'some badge of honor'.

He spoke in details about the accused storing up chemicals and firearms and instructional, extremist or fundamentalist material at their Sydney homes.

Judge Whealy said that he was aghast to see the barbaric way in which the execution of hostages were carried out.

"Videos showing the execution of hostages or prisoners by Mujahideen, which were never shown to the jury, were particularly brutal and graphic. It is impossible to imagine that any civilised person could watch these videos," Whealy said.

The men, who cannot be named as per the judge's order, were arrested in Sydney in 2005 during Australia's largest ever terror raids.

While the prosecutors said that three men went on paramilitary-style camps in Australia's outback with an intention of an attack, the defence said that they were out hunting, camping and having fun.

The jury made the judgement after hearing 300 witnesses, examining 3,000 exhibits, watching 30 days of surveillance tapes and listening to 18 hours of phone intercepts.

However, prosecution failed to produce direct evidence which could link the groups to the terrorism plot.

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