UK to be hit with more 7/7-type attacks for generations: Muslim leader

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London, Jan.25 (ANI): Britain could be exposed to more 7/7-style suicide bomb attacks for generations a senior Muslim advisor warned Monday.

The Daily Express quoted Iqbal Wahhab, a leading businessman and member of the -Ethnic Minority Advisory Group, as saying that a terrorist attack Britain was warning comes after Home Secretary Alan Johnson raised the security alert from SDHp "substantial" to "severe" at the weekend.

Latest intelligence reports suggest that the Yemen-based Al Qaeda cells have trained female suicide bombers to attack the West.

"I'm sure there will be more suicide bombing because more and more people are being recruited all the time into these groups and they're getting more and more sophisticated in the way they operate," Wahhab said.

"There is a clear and present danger. It's not just scaremongering. I'm just being realistic. There could be another 7/7 next week," he added.

He claimed that high unemployment among Muslims was partly to blame for this threat.

"Politicians need to be talking to the right people. It's not just about photo calls with imams and community leaders at Downing Street. A lot of the policies get hatched by people in Whitehall who rarely go out and visit or SDHp experience what I've seen over the last two or three years, which is a completely different picture," Wahhab said.

Wahhab, who runs London's Roast restaurant, said ministers should do more to get young Muslims to go into business. (ANI)

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