Bihar farmers return to school to learn new agricultural skills

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Patna, Jan 21 (ANI): In order to boost agricultural productivity in the state, the Bihar Government has launched an exclusive school for farmers to sharpen their agricultural skills.

The state government has launched 'Kisan Pathshala' (farmer school) - a programme that will teach farmers about modern technology to increase farm produce.

With diminishing land resources and ever-growing human consumption, this unique move is expected to sharpen the production skills of farmers.

Agricultural experts are teaching farmers the use of scientific techniques to increase their productivity on smaller plots of land.

As of now, there are over 3,000 farmer schools in operation within the state wherein the agricultural scientists are educating the farmers about the judicial use of soil, fertilizers, water, sowing and harvesting.

Farmers expressed happiness with the initiative, as it helped them to understand the balanced use of insecticides and pesticides.

"Earlier, I could not differentiate between friendly insects and the harmful pests. But after being taught about the same in the farm school, it has benefited me immensely. Initially, with the use of chemical fertilizers, I used to kill the useful soil insects along with the pests. But now I can differentiate," said Ram Singh Yadav, a farmer.

"The main objective of the government behind starting these schools is to teach the farmers the scientific methods of farming. The farmers here, in general, are involved in traditional agricultural practices. But in the school they are given practical training on how to sow the seeds, and the adequate amount of seeds to be used for a good yield," said Ganesh Ram, Agricultural Consultant, Patna.

Each school has about 25 farmers of both sexes learning various aspects of systematic and scientific farming.

Bihar is currently ranked third in the country in terms vegetable production and seventh in fruit production. This initiative aims at targeting over five lakh farmers who will be trained in these schools. (ANI)

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