'Priceless' art treasure looted by Nazis may have been found

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London, January 19 (ANI): A budding explorer might have discovered a 'priceless' art treasure looted by the Nazis, which has been missing since the end of the second world war.

The Amber Room of the Tsars was seized by the Nazis during their invasion of the Soviet Union in WWII.

But, according to a report in The Sun, treasure hunter Sergei Trifonov has found a bunker in the Russian city of Kaliningrad, formerly called Konigsberg, which he says contains the incredible treasure.

If Trifonov is right, he has solved one of the greatest riddles left over from the war - and made himself a multi-millionaire.

The Amber Room is made entirely of amber, gold and precious stones and is widely regarded as the world's most important art treasure.

When its 565 candles were lit, the Amber Room was said to "glow a fiery gold". It is estimated to be worth around 150 million pounds, but many consider it priceless.

Sergei believes he will break into the bunker by the end of the month to find the treasure.

"This place was built in February 1945 with two aims: accommodating the headquarters of General Otto Lasch and storing the treasures of Konigsberg, a city under siege," he said.

The Amber Room was presented to Peter the Great in 1716 by the King of Prussia.

Catherine the Great later had the room embellished and moved it from the Winter Palace in St Petersburg to her summer house in Tsarskoye Selo, outside the city.

It was seized by the marauding Germans during their onslaught on Russia in 1941 and transferred to Konigsberg.

The treasure was lost in 1945 following air raids and a savage ground assault on the city.

Its disappearance has fascinated treasure hunters for decades, making the Amber Room the new El Dorado. (ANI)

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