India committed to acquiring environmentally friendly energy resources: Abdullah

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Abu Dhabi (UAE), Jan.19 (ANI): India is committed to acquiring optimum and an environmentally-friendly mix of primary resources for energy generation, said Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Dr. Farooq Abdullah.

Participating in discussions at an Energy Minister's Round Table during the plenary session of the Third World Future Energy Summit here, Dr. Abdullah said: "We are working for development of renewable energy sources using the latest technological developments for around three decades now to meet our energy requirements from these energy sources as much as possible."

"Compared to many other countries, our progress is good. Millions of decentralized energy systems, solar lighting systems, irrigation pumps, aero-generators, biogas plants, solar cookers, biomass gasifiers, improved cook stoves are now being used in the country," he added.

"India today stands among the top five countries in terms of renewable energy capacity, with an installed base of over 15 GW, which is around 10% of India's total power generation capacity and contributes over three percent in the electricity mix. The contribution in grid connected power right now is mainly from wind, around 11000 MW. We have already identified a potential of near about 100, 000 MW from wind, biomass and small hydro sources in the country," Dr. Abdullah said further.

He also revealed that the Indian Government had recently approved a new policy on development of solar energy in the country by launching of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

Describing it as a historic and transformational initiative, he said the Solar Mission had a twin objective - (1) To contribute to India's long-term energy security and ecological security, and (2) Ensure the rapid development and deployment of various renewable energy sources to facilitate high solar radiation availability in our country.

"The Solar Mission aims to "leapfrog" and thus place India in a leadership position globally in development, manufacturing and deployment of solar energy technologies. A goal of 20,000 MW of grid interactive solar power is envisaged in a three stage plan by the end of the thirteenth Five Year Plan in 2022," Dr. Abdullah said.

He said the implementation of the National Solar Mission would proceed on the basis of the technology advancements and cost reductions.

The plans include establishing an investor-friendly mechanism that reduces risk and at the same time, provides an attractive, predictable and sufficiently extended tariff for the purchase of solar power, he added.

Suggesting that there is an enormous scope of cooperation amongst the countries to achieve technological advancement in this area, Dr. Abdullah said it is possible to harness lower wind speeds, the energy of tides and waves can be channelized to produce electricity, alternate transport fuels can make our journeys less carbon intensive, hydrogen can be an ideal energy storage and carrier.

He also said that it is possible to have a transcontinental grid with lowest losses of electricity.

"We only need to translate the research results to realities, to products that can benefit all of us. If all of us try together, we will succeed at a much less time period," the minister said. (ANI)

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