Archery festival in Himachal Pradesh

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Karal (Himachal Pradesh), Jan 16 (ANI): The villagers in the upper Kullu valley here celebrated a traditional fair highlighting marksmanship among the locals in archery.

The two-day fair organised a day after the Makar Sankranti, the annual harvest festival witnessed hundreds of villagers, mostly tribal communities, in the upper Kullu valley participating in a mock battle of archery.

The villagers of Karal and Grahan participated in this game in their bid to keep alive their historical heritage.

In this battle of wits, nay bows and arrows, the villagers armed with bows and arrows formed two groups and stood around 100 meters away from each other and shoot to display their marksmanship.

There were a total of five archers in each group, and each archer had 200-300 arrows with him.

The villagers at times get injured in this mock battle. But instead of going to the hospital, the wounds are rubbed with arrows, as they believe it to be the apt treatment for such wounds and indeed, it works.

Arun Thakur, a local here said, "This game is known by Grahan Khel and Karal Khel. Well, none the history but we know that it has been going on from time immemorial."

To mark this occasion, this mock duel of arrows at the fair is celebrated here with devotion as well as in a sportive spirit. (ANI)

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