VDOPIA launches VLIVE: Online live streaming ad insertion technology platform

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New Delhi, Jan 8 (ANI/Business Wire India): Vdopia, the leading online and mobile video monetization company today launched VLIVE - Dynamic Online Live Streaming Ad Insertion Technology Platform.

VLIVE Platform is expected to change the way LIVE Video content is delivered and consumed on internet.

VLIVE will enable Media Companies and TV Channel owners to now leverage their live content online. They will not only be able to live stream the content but also monetize it with Dynamic Video Ad Insertion. A primary driver for this innovation is the high cost of content delivery especially in the online video delivery space.

It is observed that the Pre-roll, Post-roll and Mid-roll video advertisements in conventional technology based online video have been gaining popularity and help offset the costs for online video delivery. However, none of the legacy ad formats can be utilized within live streams on the Internet.

Vdopia, with its latest innovation is set to change the rules of the game by enabling a new avenue for media companies to earn revenue while delivering the best content online. VLIVE is yet another innovation from Vdopia's VDOLAB (its research lab focused on Research in Online and Mobile Video Monetization).

Earlier Vdopia's research lab had successfully launched Talk2me Ads and Dynamic Skin branding and product placement ad formats.

"VLIVE platform enables the video ads to be inserted in the Live Video Stream in the same way video ads are inserted on LIVE TV. The big change is that the ads are not static (Like in TV Broadcast) but are dynamic. This means that if one million users are consuming the content LIVE, the technology is able to serve different advertisements to different users at the same time. For example:- if the content is available in India and US or Delhi and Maharashtra then different ads can be served at these locations at the same time. The ads are interactive thus giving advertisers' huge power to not only just achieve branding goals but also measure the user response. VLIVE Platform also provides exact information to the advertisers on how many people actually watched the ad and from which location. Each and every Ad impression is accounted for. VLIVE thus combines the power of TV Branding with measurability of the internet. VLIVE technology makes use of new cloud computing paradigm and is scalable to handle sudden traffic loads in real time basis." commented, Chhavi Upadhyay, cofounder, Chief Operating Officer of VDOPIA.

"VLIVE is the future of LIVE Internet TV. This platform will help in making Internet the next Big Screen. The prohibitive costs of delivering video with legacy technology and the inability to deliver ads in live streams has kept media publishers from providing premier content in live streams. We are confident that this innovation can start a new revolution in the way people consume media and it has the potential to create a fundamental shift in the media marketplace. We needed to combine our expertise in networking, video encoding and delivery technology, as well as online video display techniques to yield the desired results. We feel proud that India is the first country in the world where this launch has happened. We intend to launch VLIVE in other parts of the globe very soon" said Saurabh Bhatia, co-founder, Chief Business Officer, VDOPIA.

Until now the traditional media companies have been using the LIVE TV stream with same TV ads on the internet and thus not been able to gain any additional revenue for their premium content. With VLIVE PLATFORM, content owners, media companies and online publishers can now replace those TV Ads with different ads and thus unlock the revenue potential of their content. (ANI)

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