Soon, memory-boosting milkshake for Alzheimer's patients

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London, Jan 8 (ANI): A memory-boosting milkshake for patients suffering from Alzheimer's could be available within two years.

Tests show that taken once a day with breakfast, the strawberry shake significantly improves short-term memory in those in the early stages of the devastating disease.

The journal of the American Alzheimer's association reports that the changes were apparent after only 12 weeks, providing 'compelling evidence' of the drink's potential.

Further, large-scale trials of Souvenaid, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, uridine and choline, nutrients found naturally in breast milk, are already under way.

If they are successful, it could be marketed by Shape and Actimel manufacturer Danone.

It is likely to be displayed behind-the-counter in pharmacies and sold after a brief consultation, in a similar way to some cough mixtures.

"This is something that has no toxicity, that gives you better function than you started with. If it works in the follow-up studies, it is very exciting," the Telegraph quoted researcher Professor Richard Wurtman as saying.

Rather than targeting brain chemicals, the drink focuses on the connections that carry vital messages between brain cells.

Damage to these connections, or synapses, is blamed for many of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, including memory loss. (ANI)

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