'Green' lithium-air batteries may replace gasoline in future cars

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Washington, Jan 4 (ANI): American scientists are exploring the possibility of using lithium-air batteries in vehicles as an answer to the growing demand for environment friendly fuel.

Li-air batteries make use of oxygen supplying catalytic air cathode, an electrolyte and a lithium anode. The technology can store nearly the same amount of energy as a tank of gasoline, and its energy storage is likely to be five to 10 times more than that of Li-ion batteries.

However, more scientific advances are needed before this can be achieved.

Researchers at the U. S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory are trying to make Li-air batteries that can be used commercially.

"The obstacles to Li-air batteries becoming a viable technology are formidable and will require innovations in materials science, chemistry and engineering....We have a history of taking on scientific challenges and overcoming them. Argonne is committed to developing Li-air battery technologies. In fact, we've made it a 'grand research challenge' at the laboratory," Science Daily quoted Argonne Director Eric Isaacs as saying.

Jeff Chamberlain, Senior Account Manager in Argonne's Office of Technology Transfer, added: "This is not a near-term technology.... It is going to take time and collaborations across several scientific disciplines to address the four main challenges of this battery development effort: safety, cost, life and performance."

The lab has also joined hands with the Commonwealth of Kentucky to develop the Kentucky-Argonne National Battery Manufacturing Center, which will promote the growth of a U.S. battery manufacturing industry. (ANI)

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