Computer game-like technology for pin-hole surgery training

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London, Jan 1 (ANI): New research at Bangor University will now allow pin-hole surgery training on virtual 3D patients.

The ImaGINe-S simulator uses almost the same technology employed in computer games and gives a feeling as if the surgical needle is being guided through the body.

The device, which uses computer graphics, has already bagged a European prize.

The team, which developed it, hope to see it used as a training tool in the health sector in the near future.

"What we're trying to do is create a virtual patient that a doctor or nurse can practice on," the BBC quoted Prof Nigel John from the university's School of Computer Science, as saying.

"Rather than them having to practice on you or me, they can have a virtual patient that doesn't scream too much, to work out how to do a procedure."

The user has to wear 3D glasses to see a projection of a patient, and then move two hand-held devices, which simulate the role of a scanner and needle.

Prof John said: "Its meant to be able to train scanning the patient with an ultrasound image to look for the target.

"Either the kidney, the liver or an artery that you want to puncture with a needle."

The technology also enables the user to feel the pressure of pushing the needle into the body and guiding it.

The ImaGINe-S can be used with an average computer and Prof John says its cost will come down soon.

He added: "A lot of the technology I use benefits from the computer games market...They are driving down prices and increasing performance all the time of what you can do with computer graphics." (ANI)

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