School classroom air 'more polluted' than outdoor air

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Washington, Dec 23 (ANI): Scientists in Australia and Germany have said that the air in some school classrooms may contain higher levels of certain toxic pollutants than polluted outdoor air.

Lidia Morawska and colleagues note increasing concern in recent years over the health effects of airborne ultrafine particles.

Evidence suggests that they can be toxic when inhaled into the lungs.

However, much of the scientific research has focused on outdoor sources of these invisible particles, particularly vehicle emissions.

Little research has been done on indoor sources, and even less on ultrafine particles in school classrooms.

In an effort to fill those gaps in knowledge, the researchers studied levels of ultrafine particles in 3 elementary school classrooms in Brisbane, Australia.

They found that on numerous occasions ultrafine particle levels in the classrooms were significantly higher than outdoors.

The highest levels occurred during art activities such as gluing, painting and drawing when indoor levels were several times higher than outdoor levels.

There also were significant increases in ultrafine particle levels when detergents were used for cleaning.

The study appears in ACS' semi-monthly journal Environmental Science and Technology. (ANI)

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