Angles can't fly as they are anatomically flawed, says scientist (Re-Issue)

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London, December 23 (ANI): In a new research, a scientist has claimed that they mythical angles depicted in the bible are anatomically flawed, and thus, would never be able to fly.

According to a report in the Telegraph, for the research, Professor Roger Wotton, a leading biologist from University College London, has compared the physiology of flighted species with the representations of spiritual and mythical creatures in art.

Wotton found that flight would be impossible for angels portrayed with arms and bird-like feathered wings. Even a cursory examination of the evidence in representational arts shows that angels and cherubs cannot take off and cannot use powered flight," said Wotton.

"And even if they used gliding flight, they would need to be exposed to very high wind velocities at take off - such high winds that they would be blown away and have no need for wings," he added.

"Interestingly, the artist Giotto showed one angel with a rigid 'mono-wing' which could be an adaptation for gliding flight. But if they do just glide, how are the wings folded, unfolded and held rigid?" he explained.

Angels, cherubs and putti (babies with wings) adorn some the world's most famous religious paintings and architecture, hovering in the air to witness the deeds of God and men.

Their power to capture the imagination is so strong that a survey last year revealed that most Americans believe in angels.

The study by the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life found that 68 per cent of the 36,000 adults polled thought that angels and demons were at work in the world.

According to the latest study, birds' wings evolved from the forearms of their ancestors and over time their whole body shape was determined by the covering of feathers.

The reduced density of the bird skeleton provided a light but strong frame.

But angels have normal-sized bodies and cherubs and putti are often given additional weight, portrayed as chubby babies with tiny wings.

They also lack the powerful muscles that allow birds to beat their wings. (ANI)

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