Ordeal of airhostess who had 'mile-high' sex with Ralph Fiennes

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Sydney, Dec 9 (ANI): Lisa Robertson, the former Qantas air hostess who had sex with actor Ralph Fiennes in an aircraft toilet, says the incident has ruined her life.

"It hasn't enhanced it any way. Not financially, personally or in any other way," Sydney Morning Herald quoted Robertson as telling The Age.

Robertson said she has recently been "coming to terms with liking myself again".

The former airhostess said that she does not have many friends "because people have strange motivations for wanting to be friendly", and had struggled to form relationships.

Robertson admitted her past - NSW undercover cop, the Fiennes fling, call girl and undischarged bankrupt - meant it was 'embarrassing for some people to be associated with me'.

However, she does not want people to think this is a 'poor me' story.

"I don't want people to think I'm trying to get sympathy, because I'm not," she said.

"I did what I did. Some people don't like me, it's clear, but I really don't care.

"I do not want people to think this is a 'poor me' story, because it's not how I am at all," she added.

Robertson also said that she regrets selling her story but 'was under a lot of pressure at that time to make a decision'.

"I do regret it. If I had my day again I certainly wouldn't have opened my mouth," she said.

"But when it comes to sex, the community acts in all different, weird ways. It's just so complicated and it makes me angry, all the hypocrisy," she added. (ANI)

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