Chinese spinach grown in Bodhgaya

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Bodhgaya, Dec 1 (ANI): Farmers in Bodhgaya have switched to Chinese spinach farming relished by the locals and the foreigners visiting the holy Buddhist town.

The farmers claim that it is most sought after by the foreigners. The crop is becoming popular among the monasteries and the Tibetan restaurants in the region.

The priests in the monasteries have appreciated farmers growing Chinese spinach.

"This city of Bodhgaya is famous for its rich culture and historical significance and hence should be given the utmost importance. The purpose of starting this type of cultivation was to reduce the differences between the Buddhist monks and the Hindu priests," said Mahant Sudarshan Giri, a priest.

The seeds of the Chinese spinach are purchased from outside India, which costs the farmers up to 150 rupees to 250 rupees for every ten grams.

Chinese spinach or Ipomoea Aquatica is semi-aquatic tropical plant grown as a leaf vegetable. It is most commonly grown in the East and Southeast Asia, as it flourishes naturally in waterways and requires nominal care.

It is extensively utilized in the Malay and Chinese cuisine (ANI)

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