Indian sub-continent is prone to nuclear war: Army Chief

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New Delhi, Nov 23 (ANI): Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor today said that Indian sub-continent is prone to nuclear war.

General Kapoor said that Indian-subcontinent has gradually emerged as one of the epicentres of conflict and instability.

"The possibility of limited war under a nuclear overhang is still a reality, at least in the Indian sub-continent, along with West Asia, South Asia has gradually emerged as one of the epicentres of conflict and instability.

"Territorial disputes, provocation by proxy wars, religious fundamentalism, radical extremism, ethnic tensions and socio-economic disparities are the hallmarks of South Asia," said General Kapoor while addressing a seminar on "Changing nature of Conflict: Trends and Responses".

Defence Minister A. K. Antony also shares General Kapoor's view and expressed concern over nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands in Pakistan

During his address, Antony said that there has been an outbreak of terror-related incidents across the world, particularly in South and South-East Asia.

"When there's scarcely any nation that is not affected by terrorism, we stood actively involved in the war on terror. Various developments in the last few months, in and around our neighbourhood, particularly Afghanistan and Pakistan, thrust South Asia to the centre stage of sub-conventional conflict and instability," said Antony.

"The threat of nuclear weapons falling in wrong hands remains an area of serious concern and consequences of such a situation are unimaginable," he added.

Security analysts always raise a concern over the security of Pakistani nuclear arsenal. A section of media earlier reported that Islamic militants have access to nation's nuclear warhead. (ANI)

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