Crazy compo claims made by Brit teachers cost taxpayers 3m pounds last year

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London, Nov 23 (ANI): It has emerged that the compo claims made by Brit teachers last year has cost cash-strapped taxpayers 3 million pounds.

The windfalls amounted to 15,000 pounds for every school day, but the bizarre reasons behind the massive claims were kept secret, until they were obtained through freedom of information laws.

Haringey Council, the North London authority behind the Baby P scandal, paid 5,200 pounds to a teacher who had been injured when a child's toy brick fell on the head.

Dorset County Council forked out 164,000 pounds to another worker who tripped over a makeshift base made out of gym mats for a maypole.

And Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council were made to hand over 6,000 pounds to a school staff member who fell over a vacuum cleaner lead.

"It's sad so many teachers claim for everyday accidents that in the past would never have resulted in huge payouts," the Sun quoted Matthew Elliott, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, as saying.

"Schools need to take care and avoid these costs, but we must try to reach a situation where common sense wins over spurious litigation," he stated.

Other astonishing payouts were discovered from the inquiry.

Bosses at Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council shelled out 10,000 pounds in compo and costs to a school's staffer who walked into a bollard outside its entrance.

In Wokingham, Berks, a teacher successfully claimed 82,000 pounds after falling off a ladder while pinning a poster to a wall.

And in Windsor, also Berks, another teacher won 19,000 pounds for apparently sustaining back problems while separating a pair of fighting schoolgirls.

"We only pursue claims where it is clear an employer has been negligent and is thus at fault," Christine Blower, of the National Union of Teachers, said.

"Where an employer has failed to take reasonable steps to avoid a risk they know of or ought to know of, it is right they should compensate employees who suffer injuries and as a result may lose their job or ability to work," she added. (ANI)

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