Older problem drinkers use more booze than younger counterparts

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Washington, November 22 (ANI): Older people have to drink more than the younger ones in order to get the same level of high, a new study claims.

Researchers at Ohio State University learnt that alcoholics over age 60 drink more than 40 alcoholic drinks a week on average, while people from younger age groups consume between 25 and 35 drinks a week.

The researchers used the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions data that included information on more than 43,000 people in the year 2000-01.

Linda Ginzer, co-author of the study and a doctoral student in social work at Ohio State, said: "A combination of high levels of drinking and the physiological effects of aging are particularly problematic for older adults."

Virginia Richardson, professor of social work at Ohio State, who was also a part of the study added: "More often than not, we think of binge drinking as occurring among college students or those in their 20s.

"But the fact is, binge drinking occurs among older people as well, and it is in fact worse among those who have problems with alcohol. It is something that clinicians and researchers need to consider."

Ginzer ended: "That suggests binge drinking may be a better measure of problem drinking than just the total amount of drinks someone has per week."

The team presented their results in Atlanta at a meeting of the Gerontological Society of America on 20th November. (ANI)

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