Michelle Obama's favorability rating dips

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Washington, Nov 10 (ANI): Michelle Obama's favorability rating has dipped to 61 percent after surging to 72 percent earlier this year, a recent Gallup Poll has revealed.

Mrs. Obama has been one of the most popular first ladies in history; she is seen a symbol of racial pride, a complete image of a modern woman who has also successfully played the roles of mother and wife.

Her favorability chart has seen some great variations - from being a mere 48 precent in June last year, it rocketed to 72 percent in March and has now hit come down 11 points to a low of 61percent.

As for the reason of the fall: according to White House observers, a possible reason may be that some have viewed Mrs Obama's campaigns as largely traditional.

"If you asked most people, they would say she defines her job as first lady as taking care of her family, and maybe that's what the White House wants - what she wants," The Politico quoted first lady historian Betty Boyd Caroli, as saying.

She added: "A lot of people appreciate that, but some people wanted more, and maybe that's why the numbers are dipping."

When the Obama's moved into the White House there were huge expectations from both of them. While the Prez had his own share, the First Lady was a new ray of hope for women in walks of life - fashionistas, black women, working women, working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, feminists, post-feminists.

Anita McBride, chief of staff to Laura Bush, said: "There was so much pressure on her as the first African-American first lady to be out there and performing in the public eye, and she did get a nice start, visiting the agencies, planting the garden and letting people see this side of her.But I think she worries about making a misstep, about criticism, and I think that could contribute very much to taking a lower profile, and some of the popularity going down."

McBride added: "I think she started out in an impossible situation because there was so much pressure on her to be doing everything."

Caroli also believes that Mrs Obama's campaign-style technique that failed to get the Olympics to Chicago might have also contributed to a decline in her popularity.

Stacey Cordery, a bibliographer for the National First Ladies' Library, says Mrs Obama has been too "tied" up with her husband's administration.

She said: "We did not think that Laura Bush was as politically tied into her husband's administration as we assume Michelle Obama is tied into her husband's agenda and administration."

She added: "We see her as someone who is going on date nights and talking about politics, walking the dog and talking about politics and going on vacation and talking about politics."

Even President Obama confesses his wife importance as the "most important adviser."

He recently said: "In terms of broad strokes advice, what ordinary people are going through - she is somebody who I think is deeply attuned to it."

However many like Newsweek correspondent Allison Samuels have been disapopinted by Mrs Obama's work so far.

Samules said: "I want to know how she feels about children killing children back in her hometown of Chicago. Or whether she has any ideas about how to stop the ever-increasing numbers of African-American women falling victim to AIDS....These too-often-neglected issues need a face like Michelle's." (ANI)

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