Sugary drinks linked to weight gain

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New Delhi, November 09 (ANI): Children who take sweetened beverage a lot at age five are more likely to be overweight when they reach the age of 15, a new study has claimed.

The research led by Dr. Laura Fiorito from the Pennsylvania State University in University Park has found that daily intake of beverages like sodas and fruit and sport drinks at an early age results in more body fat during the following 10 years.

Fiorito along with her colleagues noted the beverage habits of 166 non-Hispanic white girls between the ages of 5 and 15, reports the China Daily.

Keeping other factors linked to weight and body fat levels in mind, it was noted that girls who drank two or more sweetened drinks daily had higher percentages of body fat.

Hence, they had greater chances to be overweight than girls who drank lesser amounts of such beverages.

Among the 5 and 15 year old girls drinking less than one drink, the researchers found about 16 and 19 percent overweight, respectively.

Similarly, those drinking 2 or more sweetened drinks, about 39 percent were overweight at 5 years, while and 32 percent were the same when 15 years old.

Fiorito suggested that young children should be provided with milk and water instead of too much of sweetened drinks, as it was also observed that body fat and weight did not vary depending on how much milk or juice made from 100 percent fruit the girls drank.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. (ANI)

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