Varanasi has an astrological park for mental peace

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Varanasi, Nov 3 (ANI): A unique astrological park in Varanasi comprising of different plants named after astrological planets is gaining popularity among the women who say that they attain mental peace by watering those plants.

Various plants related to nine planets and twenty-seven constellations as mentioned in Hindu scriptures have been raised in this park.

Believers visit this garden to worship these special plants to seek peace of mind.

"We have so many tensions and worries in our lives; so the sole reason of planting different trees in this park is to relieve oneself from these worries and tensions. We attain mental peace and solace over here. We offer prayers and perform rituals in front of the trees to get rid of the problems related to our zodiac signs," said Ritika Mehra, a resident.

She said that there are many herbal plants like peppermint, spearmint, holy basil, Nepali Gooseberry in the park.

"Nature holds a major significance in astrological science. Each and every tree has its own astrological significance. Like, banana tree represents Saturn and Peepal tree or the sacred fig represents all the planets. That is why the trees are more effective than the astrological stones that people wear on their fingers," said Gajendracharya, an astrologer.

Astrology continues to be major component and guiding indicator among Hindu families. (ANI)

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