Jaish-e-Mohammed Brit terrorist may be behind bloody series of attacks in Pakistan

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London, Nov 2(ANI): A British terrorist, who features in Britain and America's most-wanted list, is believed to be the mastermind behind the recent terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds in Pakistan.

Birmingham-born Rashid Rauf, a chief recruiter for Al-Qaida, is thought to have teamed up with Taliban fighters to launch a series of bombings that have rocked the country, The Daily Star reported.

The militant group to which he belongs to, the Jaish-e- Mohammed, is also thought to be involved in suicide attacks and car bombings.

The carnage is being launched from South Waziristan, the tribal territory separating Pakistan and Afghanistan that is widely regarded as a haven for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants, where Rauf is believed to be hiding.

Earlier, it was reported that Rauf had survived a US missile strike in November 2008, despite claims that he was among those who died. The rumours arose, as his body was never recovered and intelligence agencies suggested that he was still on the run.

More than 250 people have been killed in 10 separate raids in the past month, including three major attacks in Peshawar.

The latest attack in a series of attacks apparently designed to undermine public support for the Pakistani Army's offensive gainst Taliban and Al-Qaida strongholds came on Monday when a bomb exploded behind a hotel near the Army headquarters in awalpindi which reportedly killed 10 people and injured several others. (ANI)

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