'Bhai Dooj' celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm

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Allahabad, Oct 19 (ANI): Women here on Monday prayed for the long life of their brothers on the occasion of 'Bhai Dooj'.

On this day, women perform rituals for 'Yamraj', God of death. As the legend goes, Yamraj visits his sister Yamuna on this day and both exchange sweets and garlands.

While departing, Yamraj declared that any brother who receives garlands and vermilion mark from his sister would be blessed with prosperity and long life.

Scores of young girls and women flocked the banks of river Yamuna to take a dip and perform rituals on this auspicious day.

"On 'Bhai Dooj', we first take a dip in the holy Yamuna river and then perform the rituals for our brothers. We take a dip in this river because it is said that Yamuna was Yamraj's sister and he visits her on this particular day. So, we fast for the whole day and perform rituals for the long life of our brothers, "said Shruti Singh.

She added that the sisters touch the thorns to their tongues for their brothers' well being.

"I offered prayers to Yamraj for my brother's long life. I also touched the thorns to my tongue seven times. According to our age-old traditions, Yamraj visits his sister Yamuna, so we welcome him by lighting earthen lamps, incense sticks, offering him flowers, fruits and sweets on the banks of the river, "said Manju Kesharwani.

According to the Hindu tradition, both the brother and the sisters take holy dip in river together and after which the sister applies vermilion mark on the forehead of her brother wishing him long life.

Bhai Dooj is also known by the name of 'Yam-Dwitiya'. (ANI)

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