Spectacular firework show dazzles people in Rajkot on Diwali eve

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Rajkot, Oct.16 (ANI): Thousands of people thronged the Madhavrao Scindia cricket stadium here on Thursday to witness a firework show being organized by city's civic authorities.

Gasps of wonder and cheering were heard as the people were treated to the choicest of fireworks, ahead of Diwali.

The authorities spent around rupees 200, 000 to entertain the people with these spectacular fireworks, which lit up the night sky.

Though people from all backgrounds thronged the stadium to witness the show, but the main objective of the show was to celebrate it for the economically backward who cannot afford such expensive crackers on this occasion.

The highlight of the show was the Niagara Falls that left the people dazed by its brilliance.

"We burst around 650 aerial shots and the purpose was to make the firecrackers available to the poor children. We got new Niagara Falls in Rajkot. All these fireworks were done using pyrotechnology. We just had to press a switch and around 250 fireworks burst take place at one time in the sky," said Devang Mankad, coordinator of the show.

People were bespectacled to watch the grand fireworks show.

"I came here to see the Niagara Falls. It was a great sight and it was a breathtaking sight. I had heard that there was going to be such a show so I came here especially to see the Niagara Falls," said Mansi Pancholi, a spectator.

Diwali, the festival of lights will be celebrated across the country on October 17. The bursting of firecrackers forms an integral part of the festival as children enjoy it the most on this festive occasion. by Suresh Soni (ANI)

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